Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This letter is intended for those of you that will be attending football camp at the University of Puget Sound with us starting Sunday. In order to facilitate the enjoyment and productivity of this experience for players, coaches, and parents alike, it is important for us all to have a base understanding of this trip. Below, you will find the necessary information to ensure that football camp runs smoothly and benefits all who attend.

Purpose: We go to football camp for one main reason—to better ourselves as a team. We accomplish this through intense competition with other highly skilled and accomplished programs and our unique opportunity to get away from home in order to spend time developing skills, understanding responsibilities, building our 2009 football team. Because of this, we view it as a business trip.

General Information: The camp starts on Sunday afternoon. We will meet in the EHS parking lot at 10:30 a.m. with a departure time of no later than 11:00 a.m. Players/parents are responsible for making sure each individual has an appropriate ride to camp. We are set to check into the camp (players report to get room assignments and meal tickets) at 12:00 p.m. Athletes will need to bring a lunch as the first meal isn't until dinner time. The camp has a format that mirrors a regular practice only the “scout” team is actually a team from another school. This format will run from Sunday through Wednesday with Thursday morning reserved for shorter, full-contact scrimmages. We should be checked out by early afternoon on Thursday the 16th. As for payment, you should have already submitted your final payment on the balance of the camp fee to the EFF—if not, you must do so immediately. The EFF will write one single check for the total amount for the team.

For Parents: We encourage you to take the time to come watch the scrimmages on Thursday morning—it is a great opportunity for you to see what we have accomplished over the course of the week in regards to our purpose stated above. Aside from your attendance on Thursday, we would respectfully request that you not arrive on campus at any time other than dropping your player off on Sunday. We need this time away to learn some independence, discipline, and teamwork that can only come from being at camp with teammates.

For Players: Bring fans—rooms can get hot—snacks, extra water/Gatorade/etc, extra socks, NO icy hot, and pizza money. You will have some down time, and it will be important to have something to occupy your time, so bring something productive. We have seen players even bring in televisions in order to play video games while relaxing between practices and competitions. Also, if you have a tendency to “chafe” over periods of prolonged activity (this means you OL and DL guys) please remember to bring “Gold Bond” or some other deterrent.

Discipline: Unfortunately, it is important to include a word on this subject as this is a business trip, and every once in a while a player will forget that and make a mistake that will disrupt the focus of our trip. Therefore, if a player’s behavior jeopardizes our work; his parent/guardian will be called immediately and asked to come remove him from the situation. In short, this means that if a player is caught doing something illegal, immoral, inappropriate, or otherwise disruptive (as determined by the coaching staff of EHS and/or UPS) he will be asked to leave; and his parent/guardian will be expected to pick him up IMMEDIATELY with no refund of camp monies paid. Your acceptance of this letter will mean that you understand and agree to the policy above. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, you must contact Coach Bartel at prior to camp.

As a staff, we would like to thank you for understanding the value of such an endeavor. Last year was the first year in many that Enumclaw Football attended a camp, and we believe it contributed immensely to the success we saw last season. Thank you for your continued and unconditional support of this program. We’ll see you on Sunday!

Go Hornets!

Enumclaw H.S. Football Staff and Enumclaw Football Foundation Board